The Thrill.


What was it all to you?

That warmth between our flesh and souls,

Discarding our differences and goals,

For just a night, one moonlit night,

When we were everything in each other’s sights.

Breaths were drawn, names were echoed,

And beyond our steaming passions,

I thought love would speak of my tomorrow,

But in the mouth of my sheets, you spoke the story’s end,

You spoke the death of this Godsend.

I sought eternity,

But you sought a bloody instant,

The scar forever existent.

Morning awakened, yet it felt so dark,

Because your words have damned me to the dark,

With the memory of your lipstick trace, smooth embrace,

And illusions of us face to face.

Sanity weeps, her tears are never still,

Because your truest love was never me, just the thrill.







From The Stars.

From the stars, you were given to us,

Aware of the sins that lay naked with us.

With each kiss, the heavens were more lost than won,

Like the words we never spoke,

the goods deeds we always revoked,

And shadows that blot out the sun.

Your love is what we never deserved,

But ‘twas the gift you forever served,

For the lesser, the fallen, names unworthy of praise,

All deemed worthy of your precious gaze.

Lord, you are my light and my way,

The sun that rises to fill my days.

 Accepting you was my greatest decision, unlike all the others that echoed destruction.

All I need are your words to brighten my sights,

To the magic of these silent but holy nights.

On this blessed day, I’m reminded of what begun us.

Of your tender birth fated to save us.

From the stars, you were given to us,

And your eternal love will always be our Merry Christmas.


All her touches were lyrics to happiness,

The song that broke my madness.


‘Twas the whispers of faith in hell,

The crack upon a cursed spell.


She had a face that the stars envy, a voice that reached hearts damned empty.

‘Twas everything I dreamed and desired, thus my hopes began to aspire.


It was complete and perfect bliss,  with every caress and love-filled kiss,

Till fate had no regard for my heart, till her final breath set us apart.



Just like the wilting of blooming flowers, I felt the fade of each hour,

The waste I became stripped from her side, The shadows I could no longer hide.


Where are my comforts? Where lies my blessed way?

‘Tis a sunset upon my most happy days.


She was hope when fear was most blessed, she was more in my times of less.

‘Tis the truth, the only truth that will always leave me breathless.















You took away my choice, you took away my voice.

There could come a thousand seasons, but I will not accept your reasons.

I had a chance to forever fly, but you doomed my dreams to die,

to know the loss of me, to breathe the loss of me, as I spewed the thoughts on what I could be.

As I still walk the earth, I’m forced to ponder on your birth,

why your love wonders afar, and why you rob me of my place amongst the stars.

You and I have spawned sins upon sins,

But this is the crown of all things,

So heavy that it turned my way,

Into the dreamless abyss that I see today.

I dared to near forgiveness, to mask your deed with past goodness,

But it smiles, it laughs, it whispers, renewing my faith in your coldness.

I’m boiled down to confusion and hate, shedding tears over my constant state,

To wonder why you were so determined, to leave me undetermined.


I soon forgot who I was,

I breathed life into no existence.

Losing myself, defiling myself,

All spiraling through an infinite lack of persistence.

Did the devil grace me with these damning times,

Or are they the children of my darkest desires?

What a fool I was forsaking my causes,

As I burned brightly in ignorance’s fires.

If I could turn back every cursed day, I’d undo my kiss with each mistake,

Because I live not for my foolish self, but for every one of your sakes.

Hope is now the perfect stranger, Love will soon forget my name.

My tears rage and my soul screams “Could I be saved from staying the same?”

Now the world sees half of me, complete with a void,

Armed with one thought “Am I broken or just destroyed?”


Scourge Of Our Thoughts.

Our eyes were married to ravaged lands,

Our will pushed below the surface.


“For what purpose, for what purpose?”

I asked, as bloody tears rose to the surface.


You spawned your every machination, slowly molesting our beloved nation,

Raping her, masking her glory, all the makings of a negro’s bitter story.


Was your cause worth the spill of our blood, our broken backs, and sanity flooded?

Time was a true promise of no kindness, if he could abandon us with your pleasant wickedness.


Who knows what we feel for you nowadays? Maybe we’re still victims, victims of those cursed days,

When death was swift for the weak, where futures were rare to seek,

And respect for all life was never at its peak.


Our fears spoke loyalty,

Our torments spoke your triumph.


Truly you were our blessed troubles wrought,

The scourge that purged our every thought.















Undying Faith.

How cold have your eyes become?

How angry has the world made you?


What bitterness can be undone?

What words can possibly sway you?


Your eyes awake to each morning, but your heart falls into dire mourning,

Over the qualities we lack, our souls turned pitch black, and our discarded futures we gave up taking back.


With sins as bright as stars, we stray from the sunrise.

Is mankind’s hope at its farthest?


Could you look beyond the wrong turns and lies?

Do we fallen fools deserve a rise?

You could remember our darkened days, our deeds for selfish reasons,

Or the good we could be in coming seasons?


Upon your wavering convictions, the fates have but one question,

“Will undying faith be your choice?” “Will undying faith have a voice?”